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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  July 14, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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home on north register street, they found this cash crop of stolen property. thousands of dollars worth of electronics, jewelry, and dvd's. >> he has been at it for six months. taking this property, backtracking. linking the property to open burglaries, you know, throughout the city. >> in the meantime, police layed out all their evidence hoping someone might see something they believe is theirs. computers, printers, dvd's, sound systems, jewelry, and game consoles. some unique items, others not so much. but owners that come forward may give police a road map to exactly how long anderson has been burglarizing homes and where. >> prior arrests in other parts of the city. so looking at burglaries city wide on this. >> it's an important case, compared to last year, property crime, which typically affects
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far more people than violent crime is down 5%. to keep that trend going, police urged the obvious. make an effort to rely on your neighbors. >> befriend their neighbors. i know it sounds funny in the city, especially, but befriend your neighbors. they can be your first line of defense. if you spot a suspicious person, don't feel hesitant to call the police and report that. >> seemingly obvious advice, but looking at this table of stolen property, it bears repeating. in baltimore, brian, abc2 news. >> now if you recognize any of that property as your own and you were a victim of a burglary recently, you can asked to call the eastern district. that's 410-396-2933. a registered sex offender is behind bars tonight. police captured 45-year-old
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anthony robinson without incident around 11:30 this morning. police say robinson abducted a woman from a 711 in aberdeen, eventually raping her in a corn field last sunday. and a former kindergarten teacher has been convicted in frederick of sexually assaulting a five-year-old boy. 32-year-old matthew of pennsylvania was convicted as part of a plea agreement in which he does not admit guilt, but acknowledge the state has enough evidence for a conviction. and students at a catholic school held a prayer vigil today for a classmate injured in one of sunday's terrorist bombings. the students gathered at the chapel and heard a message of forgiveness. the suicide bomber who targeted an ethiopian restaurant, where 16-year-old emily and her grandmother were injured. the two victims had traveled on a charitable mission. the attack was one of two bombings in uganda's capital that killed 76 people. >> in a strange way, all emily
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suffered is a painful reminder of how important that missionary work is. >> emily's parents had arrived at the hospital. family members say she faces multiple surgeries for extensive wounds to both legs and upper body. you know the weather really has been an issue for the extreme makeover team since day one. here's a live look now from the site of fleetwood avenue where they have been working feverishly and the pace is working up as crews scramble to finish. let's send it over to wyatt. hopefully they will have relief and no more setbacks. >> i was talking to rachel. she didn't tell me why we need a break in the action here and they are going to get it. we are all going to get a break after 2 1/2 inches of rain in many places in two days. that's unusual to say the least. take a look at this. we have clearing going on across the state.
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sunshine has been blazing all day long out in western maryland and finally creeping its way in to central maryland. not much left until maryland's most powerful radar. we have one stray shower left and it's moving into north western baltimore county, just south of the pretty boy reservoir. may make its way into mays chapel. temperature wise, we have 84 at the inner harbor. look where the sun is at. 91 at frederick. temperatures beginning to creep up here in baltimore. here's another look at tomorrow. 93, mostly sunny, and you notice there's no rain there. that's a good thing. we'll talk much more about the outlook and your weekend forecast coming up. kelly. >> thanks, wyatt. our live team coverage continues tonight. how exactly is day five going for the folks at extreme makeover home edition? abc2's don harrison has the latest. i know they have been working around the clock. >> kelly, they are working. they are working hard and trying to get as much as they can done, but the rain keeps coming. it has been raining off and on
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all day long. all they want is a day without rain. >> it's rained hard three out of the five days out here so far. a normal house takes 100 days to build. that would be like hard rain on 60 or 70 dais of that project. no wonder they are behind here. >> can't have anymore rain. the volunteers are coming out in force, which is great. we can certainly use more. >> the construction volunteers are dealing with harsh circumstances. >> it's crazy. to do this in a week is unbelievable. i can't believe you can do something like this in a week. >> ty pennington was on the roof yesterday during the rain to see how extreme this build is. >> okay, everything is getting wet from the inside out. >> it's not just construction workers out here. mark is helping with the catering and had to help get donations. >> in the times we live in, people out of work, not having enough money, it just really
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touches me. it really does. it's just so moving to see everybody out in the rain in a thunderstorm and saying let me in, let me help you. let me help you. so it's very, very moving. >> they have about 5,000 people out here working. 2500 contractors. about 2500 people behind the scenes and the people that are helping them all together. we have the guys from the show. jillian. >> hi don. >> we have michael and paul. >> it's a regular thing, isn't it? >> we are going to do it every day until we get it right. >> you got hit by the rain. how is it going now? >> we are getting there. we are certainly getting there. we have a great force going. what we still need are what, jillian? >> we got soccer punched in the rain. we really did. we do need help for people to come down. framers, siders, brick mason, electricians, spray foam insulators. we'll feed you. these guys will entertain you. i'll do my best.
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tomorrow we need dry wallers and trim carpenters. if you know anyone that can help us out, spread the word. >> how is this helping you all? >> more time to get it done, actually. >> don harrison reporting live. as we all know, this is going to be a big house, but really it is the little things that are going to make this house a home to more than half a dozen girls. what's a house without pictures? roosevelt leftwich talks with a group of women that is going to make the walls shine. >> it's about whether or not you can keep a secret. although they admit it has been difficult. the framers want this to be a big surprise, so shh. >> i can't believe you have to do this all by yourself. >> with the cameras on, they are going to be polite. usually they are chatting a mile a minute back here in the workshop, that's what the boss says. but they don't want anything to slip because this is a big surprise. they are going to keep it that
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way, getting details is like pulling teeth. >> give me an idea, big frames, little frames? >> some of each. >> are they bigger than a bread box? >> bigger than a bread box. >> okay. >> they got involved with the project because they wanted to help. that and the fact that they take great pride in their reputation to frame things fast, so they have to be done fast. these will have to be done very fast. only a day or two of notice from the time they get the thing they notice to size them up and get them ready for the big reveal. they are getting a lot of help. >> immediately, we called our supplier to see how they could help us and if they could accommodate us and make it an easy thing, transition, and get us the supplies and also we called a friend of ours who is the printer, not the photographer, but the printer and he has been involved and we work closely with him. >> we know that there's a
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printer involved. but we don't know what's going to be printed into the frames or do we? >> actual frames we are using. but we turn them this way. >> that's fine. >> so your face is going to be on this thing? >> thank you very much. >> now they are just messing with everyone's head. they are serious about getting this job done, because it will help other people and that's what these ladies like. >> it is. it's fun to do something for someone else and it's what we could do. >> that's just about everything we are going to get, it's still nice to try. > now how the ladies say they have a good idea on the size of the frames and the actual frames they need, but they are waiting on the pictures, drawings, or whatever they are going to be drawing. they will turn it around and
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get it done quick. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. well, extreme makeover aside, we are thankful that we finally got some rain. but you can bet it won't be long before the heat returns and tonight, we have some health reminders to get you through the rest of the summer. >> to be a kid again. not only do they get a chance to swim all day, they did it with michael phelps. nchts and looking at our website, if you want to get involved and help out on the extreme makeover home edition, go to our spotlight section on the makeover and log on about volunteers and that's where you can get involved and make a huge difference in boys hope, girls hope. [ air blowing ]
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you're watching the station that works for you. abc2 news at 6:00. >> the maryland transit administration is trying to make amends with hundreds of mark riders.
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officials say those who were stranded for hours without air- conditioning last month are eligible for five mark vip date passes. the passes are only being distributed for passengers who were on the train 538 on june 21. another low priced grocery store opens its doors today in maryland. food line unveiled its new line with a ribbon cutting ceremony. the first 200 customers received a reusable shopping bag filled with products. it was a real stroke of luck for some kids from the baltimore city school system. imagine getting swimming lessons to none other than 14 gold medalist, michael phelps. he kicked off their partnership. wants kids to know there is nothing to be afraid of in the pool. swimming was a challenge for him as a child. >> you know, when i first started swimming and i started learning how to swim at the age of 7. i was terrified of the
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water. i didn't want to put my face under and then just one day, i decided to change it. >> gave us a chance to demonstrate some of the things that he has learned during the week that we have been here. >> the partnerships provide 60 city school students with up to 20 hours of swim lessons donated by the michael phelps swim suit. >> the baltimore ravens have a new autograph rules. only for children after all their morning practices. players will not sign following afternoon practices. the president says crowds have become so large that children are being pushed and shoved. children's age 6 to 15 can go on the field, but they have to wear a raven issued wristband. adults will not be allowed in
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the autograph zone. >> well, if you want to go where the money is in maryland, you better head to bethesda. it's been named the top earning city in the entire country. the median family income is $172,500 a year. and ellicott city makes the list. the howard county comes in at number 21 with the average median family income just under $117,000 a year. but the earnings news is not so good for recent college grads. they are making less than grads just a year ago. the national association of colleges and employers says the average starting salary this year was down just over 1% from 2009. students who majored in general studies saw the biggest earnings drop with their starting salaries tumbling nearly 18%. and we are not sure about what this says about the recession, but the maryland lottery says they reported its 13th straight year of sales.
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the lottery is reporting nearly $510 million in revenue. that's more than 16 million in the previous year. >> you know, it is only a matter of time before the extreme heat returns. but tonight, we have got some more tips to help you stay cool. here's elizabeth cohen with today's health minute. >> the best way to keep it cool is to keep it hydrated. although sports drinks help replace electrolytes, doctors say water will usually do the trick and wear light clothing and light colors. they reflect the heat away from your body. want to exercise outside, even when it's hot? work out in the early morning or early evening hours. and if you become over heated and nauseous, find a place in the shade to sit down. you may be suffering from heatstroke. that's when the body is not able to regulate its own temperature, which can rise in minutes to 106 degrees or more.
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symptoms of heatstroke include hot and dry skin, throbbing headaches, dizziness, and nausea. the centers for disease control says sit the person down and use a cool compress. don't give someone with heatstroke fluids to drink and don't apply cool water to the skin, even if it means spraying them with a hose. i'm elizabeth cohen. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> a bit of a break, huh? >> absolutely. we really do need it, kelly. it's funny, we really needed the rain that we did get and now we really need a break from it. flash flooding was the problem last night. then a big headache for our friends at the extreme makeover build site. you add it all up and ready for breaking the action here. let's take a look outside right now. we have basically a light breeze going on and the sun is beginning to brighten things up there in the inner harbor. there are clouds in the sky, but a northwest breeze and
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temperatures rising now that the sun is finally poking out. the hottest we have been all day by far. 86 right now downtown and also out at the airport. take a welcome at the numbers from bwi today. 86 the high so far. record 101 in 1954. 3/4 of an inch of rain at the airport. some spots much more than that. we'll show you that in a second. first, maryland's most powerful radar. where is the rain right now? it's kind of tough to find, actually. we have one lonely shower out here in just south of pretty boy moving down i-83, just actually west of i-83. you may get doused briefly. other than that, things quieting down on maryland's most powerful radar. a stray shower or two this evening. other than that, we are looking good. weather net camera through the day, unsettled all day long and showers on and off through baltimore and most of central maryland. take a look at some of these impressive rain fall totals. 1.63. i mean, an inch and 2/3.
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since midnight last night when we were getting heavy rain, but very impressive and high rain fall totals really drought busting rain fall totals. temperatures on the rise. they have been hot out toward hagerstown when they were up to 90 earlier. humidity high, so it is steamy and across the state, we are seeing clearing from west to east. all sunshine. far in as frederick and we have partly to mostly cloudy skies over the inner harbor and ocean city and the beaches picking up a little bit of light precipitation. most of us are getting in the clear as that boundary slowly shifts further east. dry air moves in out of the west. going to mean a much better day tomorrow. a forecast model keeps partly cloudy skies, no chance of rain. and then into the day on friday, we will look for a better chance of just a late day shower. one more disturbance. it's going to pass to our north over pennsylvania, but it may clip maryland, we may see a popup shower. but most of the day friday will be dry here.
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at least two good days of dry weather. 70, partly cloudy tonight, maybe a stray shower left, but not much. tomorrow, 93, mostly sunny, really a chance for us to dry out and evaporate some of this rain. and tomorrow night, down to 73 or so. a few clouds and muggy. let's check out the outlook here over the next several days. and what we're talking about is hotter, sunnier weather. now friday evening, again will be the chance of a popup shower. all weekend long, we'll have each afternoon, the chance of an isolated storm or two, but for the most part, we are talking about sunnier, hotter weather and it all starts tomorrow. kelly. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. the rain moving out just in time for the ride home in the evening commute. let's take a look at our camera right now. looking at 695, traffic appears to be moving pretty smoothly. waiting for someone? they should be home soon. get a look at your closing numbers coming up. [ male announcer ] the way bugs see it,
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better than expected earnings drove the dow and nasdaq slightly higher. here's the numbers. the dow jones up almost 4. the nasdaq up almost 8. the s & p 500 down a little less than a quarter. coming up tonight at 11:00,
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extreme makeover home edition continues. it has been nearly three years since the show transformed the lives of another local success story. we'll have the update. plus, sonic, the hedgehog is known as the fastest guy in video game history. now the handy work of hackers has slowed sonic down, way down. all that and much more straight ahead tonight at 11:00. and hopefully we'll have good weather for the folks out there tonight. >> yeah, really, the hedgehog, huh? that's funny. let's take a welcome at the satellite view. we have clearing skies, kelly. weather already beginning to improve out there. i know it's going to be a slow clearing. maryland's powerful radar getting quiet. two bottom line themes, sunnier and hotter and again, it all starts tomorrow during the day. so be ready for it. it's coming. >> it's coming back and now we have temperatures to dry out after all of that rain. >> exactly. it has been needed rain, but maybe a bit too much. >> okay. all right. that's it for us at 6:00, we
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are back tonight at 11:00. thanks for joining us.
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